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Launching a new program ACE



LOTTE ARAI RESORT will soon launch a new program “ACE”

LOTTE ARAI RESORT will soon launch a new program “ACE” , Active & Creative Entertainer.
ACE is a program to make your stay more enjoyable and precious through “Experience”.
In addition to the existing Mountain Adventure, we offer more indoor and outdoor activities. Our professional staff will guide you the nature of ARAI adjacent to the Myoko-Togakushi renzan National Park, the historical sightseeing places, and the fun of creation.

Zip Tour

Mountain Adventure

You can enjoy existing adventure such as Asia’s No.1 Zip Tour, Zip Line, Tubing and Playground.
It's the best choice not only for families but also for couples and friends.



It is a program that you can enjoy the nature of ARAI which is adjacent to Myoko-Togakushi renzan National Park.
Walking through healing trails, looking at starry sky with your loved ones, collecting insects and stream fishing.
ACE's nature program helps you "feel" the great nature.

Cooking Class

Kids Cooking

Cooking delicious food and making fun memories.
This program is for kids who want to make their favorite sweets or pizza.
We prepare great ingredients and cookware to enjoy both cooking and eating.
Our professional staff will kindly support your kids to make delicious food.

Area Tour

LOTTE ARAI RESORT, located on the border between Niigata Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, is surrounded by popular tourist attractions.
Our tour concierge will guide you nature, historical places, restaurants and all the seasonal attractions of this area.
In addition to the standard courses that everyone can enjoy, we can also propose custom courses to make your holiday more special and precious.