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Information regarding the measures being taken to prevent possible infection by Covid-19


Thank you for visiting Lotte Arai Resort. To prevent the possible spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking the following measures within our facilities. We would like to ask our customers for their understanding and cooperation.

Whole building
■For indoor facilities only, we ask that all staff members wear masks and that customers also wear masks.
■ For outdoor facilities, masks are not required when a distance of at least 2 meters can be secured between people, or when there is little or no conversation even if a distance cannot be secured. (Applied from the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
■We have disinfectant solution available throughout the facility, so please disinfect your hands frequently.
■In order to assure social distance measures, we have provided distancing markers for customers in various places in the building, including the front desk.
■ Transparent acrylic boards have been installed at various locations, such as the front desk, to protect both staff and customers.

■We will carry out temperature checks as well as monitor the physical condition of all staff and customers daily.
In addition, we request that you verify the identity of all guests staying with your party and for each adult member to provide identification (license, insurance card, etc.) that clearly shows their current address.
■ If you have a fever at check-in or during your stay, or even if you have a cold like symptoms, please contact the front desk staff immediately.
If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, we may refuse your entry into facilities.
■ We will thoroughly ventilate and disinfect all facilities on a regular basis such as the guest rooms, lobbies, and elevators.

The restaurant
■In order to avoid close contact with other customers, staff will guide you to your table when you enter. Please note that you may have to wait to be seated.
■ In the case of buffet style dinning, We advise customers put on their masks, disinfect their hands and wear vinyl gloves when serving themselves (disinfectant and gloves have been installing a near the tables).
■We are actively ventilating the restaurant venue regularly and have installed an air purifier.

Hot bath and pool facility
■Please take appropriate social distance when using the hoshizora onsen, indoor pool, and changing rooms.
■To prevent the spread of infection, please bring towels provided in your room.
■In order to reduce the time within the pool dressing room, we would like to encourage you change in and out of your swimming wear at your hotel room if possible.
If you have any questions, please visit the hot spring reception counter at the entrance of the venue.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.