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Enjoy Mt. Okenashi (Okenashiyama) in both summer and winter

We offer plenty of activities for guests who don't ski or snowboard, such as zip-tour, tubing, bouldering, and more. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Mt. Okenashi.
※ We are also renting useful equipment for outdoor sports in winter, such as boots. Please confirm the details on the rental shop page.

Adventure Passport (2018/12/15 ~ 2019/4/26)

Enjoy endless adventure, all at once, with our special pass. We offer a pass for guests of the resort to enjoy all of our adventures over the course of two days.

  About Adults 10 year-old to 12 year-old


(Guests staying at the resort will have access for two days to the following)

You can enjoy all of Adventures freely. ¥10,000 ¥7,100