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Tree Adventure

The largest tree adventure in Japan, it covers a total area of ​​355,400 square feet and includes a total of 102 play places and eight courses in total.

It is located opposite the 4th parking lot, making full use of the forests surrounding “Old Primavera” to provide a tree-top adventure offered nowhere else. We also provide many safe and fun activities for children. Enjoy the beautiful river views from the River Course.


Limits on use

You must be over 100-cm tall,

weigh under 100 kg,

Hours 2019/4/27~    9:00-17:00 (Reception ends : 16:00)
Time required Each course: 1 hour
Contact TEL : +81-255-75-1199
Reception ends :

ᆞGuests aged nine and under are required to have one or more parents or guardians present per each under-aged guest, as well as to provide a parent or guardian’s signature.
ᆞGuests under twelve years of age are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and also provide a parent or guardian’s signature.
ᆞGuests between thirteen and eighteen years of age are required to provide a parent or guardian’s signature to use the facilities.
ᆞGuests who are unable to wear safety equipment such as harnesses and helmets may not use the facilities even if they have cleared the age/height requirements.


Course Adults 4 year-old to 12 year-old
1 Course ¥1,500 ¥800

ᆞTaxes included in the price
ᆞReservations required for the “relax course” only.

Clothing, etc.

1) Please wear loose, weather-appropriate clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.
 ※We recommend clothing that covers you completely to prevent insect bites and scratches
2) Please wear suitable shoes, such as sneakers and athletic shoes that cover your feet completely.
 ※Guests that wear high heels, easily removable shoes, or sandals, cannot use this service.