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Tubing Park

Our tubing park has a 192-meter, all-season tubing area, as well as a 170-meter zip line. It also boasts a moving belt for a fun ride to the starting deck.
The ticket includes access to all-season tubing, as well as the zip line, so you can enjoy both. Enjoy during or after your time on the slopes or after staying at the hotel.


All Season Tubing

Our special artificially matted tubing zone can be enjoyed year-round. With a total length of 192 meters and maximum slope grade of 17 degrees, you can enjoy six different courses - the largest in all of Japan! Use the moving belt to get back to the starting deck in no time for another ride.

Zip Line

Zip Line

A zip line is an adventure filled ride through the trees on a pulley with a harness attached to a wire rope. With the use of a single wire, you get a 360-degree view and each ride is a new adventure, depending on your speed and the day’s weather. Ride on the moving belt and ascend to the starting deck. Once you have finished putting on the equipment, prepare to descend on an immediate 170-meter drop.


Limits on use

over 6-years old,

over 100 cm tall,

under 100 kg in weight

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM(Reception ends: 4:00 PM)
Time required Approximately 15 minutes

ᆞ No reservations necessary.
ᆞ Elderly guests who wish to participate will have their overall health taken into account and a determination will be made by the staff on site.
ᆞThe restrictions above are standard for all tours. Customers who refuse or are unable to wear the safety harness or helmet will be denied access, even if they fulfill the above conditions.


2-ride ticket

Adults 2,000 yen

6 year-old to 12 year-old 1,500 yen

ᆞ The price includes access to the moving belt, and a tubing or zip line pass, as well as safety equipment (tube, helmet, and zip line equipment)
ᆞ Can be used for either tubing or zip lining.

Clothing, etc.

[ Winter ]

Participate with warm wear like a ski wear.

Leave your baggage in our staff as possible as you can, and close the zipper of your pockets or empty it to prevent dropping.