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Adventure Information

We offer plenty of activities for guests who don't ski or snowboard, such as zip-tour, tubing, bouldering, and more.
Enjoy the beautiful nature of Mt. Okenashi.

Tree Adventure

Zip Tour

Zip Line

All Season Tubing


Koala Hunt

Adventure rate list

Pass Age requirement Fare Height / weight requirement Content Period of operation



Adults ¥6,000 



 1 Tour


1) At ordinary times : 4 time per a day.

▶①9:00 ②11:00 ③13:00 ④15:00

2) From 2020.08.08~ 2020.08.16 :  3 times per a day.

▶①10:30 ②11:30 ③13:30 ④14:30 ⑤15:30 

3) Autumn Gondola Business Period

2020.10.10~11.08 3 times per a day.

▶①9:30 ②11:30 14:00

* There may be changes depending on the Autumn Gondola operation in the future. Please refer to the website for details.

10-12 years old ¥3,000
Play ground Adults ¥2,000

Height:over 100cm

Weight:under 100kg

1 hour

(including bouldering shoes)

4-12 years old ¥1,000
All - season tubing Adults ¥2,000

1-day unlimited 



▶9:00-5:00(16:00 Closing reception)


*Exception on 8.1-8.31, 9:00-18:00(17:00Closing reception)


*5.12-7.16 / 9.8-12.10 ⇒ closed on Tue・Wed・Thu 

*Operate on holiday.

*closed on 6/22~6/26,11/30~12/4 


4-12 years old ¥1,000
Zip-Line Adults ¥2,000
4-12 years old ¥1,000
Treasure Hunt with Koala-machi No age limit ¥800 No physical restrictions

1 week

(1 sheet of map)

Adventure pass


Adults ¥5,000  

1-day unlimited 

LOTTE MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE  (does not includes Zip Tour)

4-12 years old ¥2,500

Light pass


Adults 4,000  
4-12 years old ¥2,000

・Treasure hunt with Koala is also included in Adventure Pass.
・Guests under 12 years of age are required to be accompanied by a legal parent/guardian and must also provide a legal parent/guardian's signature.
・Guests 13-17 years of age are required to be accompanied by a legal parent/guardian's signature.
・Guests who are unable to wear safety equipment such as harnesses and helmets may not use the facilities, even if they have cleared the age/height requirements.
・All adventures(except for the Zip Tour)are available for 4 years of age or older. However, if the staff in charge determines that there is a safety risk in using the activity, it cannot be used.
・Please make a reservation for a Zip Tour on our website or by making a phone call.
・Notes for Tree Adventure user: Guests 4-6 years of age are required to be accompanied by a legal parent/guardian and they can only take challenge course.


TEL 81-255-75-1177