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The finest charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef
At Arcobaleno, you can enjoy modern Italian cuisine made with local ingredients in a stylish setting. The restaurant’s specialty is its prized Japanese Wagyu Beef, charcoal grilled in the Binchotan (white charcoal) style. Enjoy the amazing harmony of Japanese “Wagyu” and the traditional grilling style known as “Binchotan”.


  • Type
    Italian Restaurant
  • Location
    Club 1F
  • seat
    44 (Private room available)
Lotte Arai Resort-Dining-Restaurant-Arcobaleno


Closed for a renewal opening.


• Arcobaleno’s course menu will allow you to experience the full flavors of the ingredients with all five senses, through a fusion of modern and traditional cooking.

• Lunch: Relax with a course-style meal that highlights the best of Arcobaleno’s culinary style and atmosphere.

• Dinner: With simple cooking techniques, Arcobaleno’s full-course meal maximizes the best flavors of locally-grown Myoko vegetables, seafood from the Japan Sea, Japanese Wagyu beef, and more.


■ Lunch
・3,000 yen Arcobaleno Lunch
 (Starter, bread, pasta, main dish (beef or Wagyu beef), dessert)

■ Dinner
・13,000 yen Arcobaleno Dinner
 (Starter, bread, two kinds of appetizers, pasta, main dish (Wagyu beef or Matsusaka beef), risotto, dessert)


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