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"Jongno" is a Korean restaurant located in Shin-Okubo with a 25-year history background.
The philosophy of "Jongno" is to use only fresh and high-quality ingredients then cook in traditional Korean cooking methods. Most importantly, it follows the basis of cooking. Therefore, in terms of taste, it can offer customers the freshest feeling and a sense of satisfaction.
Please enjoy the authentic Korean cuisine and services of "Jongno" from various kinds of food such as Nene Chicken, Cheese Chicken Galbi, Bulgogi etc.


  • Type
    Korean Cuisine
  • Location
    ARAI B1
  • Seat
    68 Seats


In accordance with the emergency declarations issued in major prefectures, the opening hours of the restaurants at our resort have been changed for the time being.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding in this matter.

We will be temporarily closed from January 24th 2021.


[Beverage Menu]
- Beer / Soju / Makegolli / Cocktail / Sake / Champaign / Wine
・Soft Drink
- Cola / Oolong Tea / Corn silk Tea / Melon Soda / Ginger Ale / Vitamin C.C. Lemon / Apple Juice / Orange Juice / Mineral Water / Sparkling Water

[Food Menu]
- Cheese Dak-galbi / Nene Chicken (Korean-style fried chicken) / Cheese Bulgogi
- Dumplings / Fried Potato / Cheese Ball
・A La Carte
- Stir-Fried Rice Cake in Hot Stone Pot / Bulgogi Japchae / Steamed Eggs
・Stew, Rice, Noodle
- Stone Bowl of Rice topped with beef / Soft Tofu Stew+Rice / Hot Stone Pot Bibinbap / Fried rice with Pork / Kimchi Noodle
・Korean Pancakes
・Side Dish
- Assorted Vegetables / Kimchi / Laver
- Honey Hottoek / Cheese Hot Dog


ARAI B1 Korean Cuisine Jongno

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