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Relax with your favorite book
Spend a relaxing time with your favorite book in our library café, a welcome change of pace from outdoor activities. We invite you to spend a calming moment surrounded by the aroma of coffee extracted from select beans.


  • Type
    Library Café
  • Location
    CULB 1F
  • seat


11:30am - 4:00pm


• An espresso created with roasting and percolation perfection
• Enjoy live performances in a relaxing atmosphere


Blend coffee (hot/iced) JPY 550
Cafe Latte (hot/iced) JPY 700
Espresso (hot) JPY 700
Tea (hot/iced) JPY 650
Japanese green tea JPY 600
Orange juice JPY 650
Grapefruit juice JPY 650
Tomato juice JPY 800
Coca-cola JPY 550
Sprite JPY 550
Sampellegrino JPY 650

【 Alcohol 】
Asahi super dry JPY 700
Suntory Pilsner beer JPY 800
Black NIKKA Whisky JPY 800
Premium Japanese Whisky JPY 1,000
Wild turkey JPY 1,000
A glass of wine (Red/White) JPY 800
Plum wine JPY 800
Sake "Koshinokanbai" JPY 1,000
Sake "Shimeharitsuru" Gold label JPY 1,500
Mio Sparkling Sake 300ml JPY 1,500
Mixed nuts JPY 600

※ tax excluded


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