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Hoshizora Onsen

The water that is collected in this onsen springs up from a depth of 1750 m and contains natural beauty-enhancing ingredients of low-alkalinity, creating an exquisite relaxation experience.
Guests can enjoy this outdoor onsen under a starry sky throughout the year.


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    ARAI 2F, Hoshizora Onsen & Pool


An onsen with low-alkalinity that is both gentle on the skin and locks in moisture
An indoor pool that can be used year round
Enjoy the nature surrounding Okenashiyama from this onsen


・AM 06:00~10:00
・PM 13:00~23:00

・Hotel guest : Free admission
・Visitor : Adults JPY 1,300/ Children JPY 700

・Bath towels and face towels are available for rent at the Hoshizoraonsen.
However, please bring towels provided in your room as there is no staff on duty between 6:00-9:00am.

*Staff are not on duty between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. on weekdays and between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. In such cases, please bring towels provided in your room.

Categories Time Price ( JPY )
Hotel Guest

Mon - Fri


( Tue and Fri )

A.M.6:00 - A.M.10:00


P.M.1:00 - P.M.11:00

Sat, Sun,


( Mon, Wed, Thu)

A.M.6:00- P.M.11:00
Visitor P.M.1:00 - P.M.11:00 Adult ¥1,300
Child ¥700

※ Children : Under 12year-old (Free admission for under 3year-old children)
※ When Tuesdays and Fridays are holidays, there will be a two-part system due to the inclusion of sterilization and cleaning time.


※ Bathing Facility Rules (Please Read)
・No dirty feet allowed in the baths.
・We will refuse admission and service to any and all anti-social organizations (including organized crime).
・We ask that persons with skin and/or contagious ailments to understand that we cannot offer them the service of the bathing facilities.
・We ask parents of toddlers in diapers to understand that we cannot offer the services of the bathing facilities.
・Inebriated guests will be refused the services of the bathing facility.
・Wash your body completely before entering the bath.
・Do not take towels into the bath.
・Dry your body completely before using the sauna.
・Dry your body completely after exiting the bath.
・No outside food or drink allowed in the bathing facilities.
・Please do not use hair coloring products or similar products in the bathing facilities.

・Cameras and/or recording devices of any kind are expressly forbidden within ANY part of the bathing facilities.
・Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
・Do not disturb other guests.

※Information regarding the measures being taken to prevent possible infection by Covid-19
・Please take appropriate social distance when using the hoshizora onsen and changing rooms.
・To prevent the spread of infection, please bring towels provided in your room.


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