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Kids room


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    ARAI 1F


Duration: 2019/12/14~2020/4/6

Target: Kids from 2 to 6 years old.

  OPEN CLOSE price(2-6yrs)
Morning 8:00am 12:00pm ¥7,000
Afternoon 1:30pm 4:30pm ¥6,000

Reservation Method
・Please contact the hotel front desk or telephone (0255-75-1100) by 16:00 the day before.
※ Please let us know the date of use, time of use, number of children and age.
※ Subject to avilability at the time of booking.
・If you later than your reservation time to come, your finished time would not be changed.

・ If anyone have cold, flu, or infectious disease, we will refuse to enter.
・Before enter to kids room, we will measure kids temperature. If we discovered that kids are fever or poor physical condition, we will refuse to enter.
・ If the childcare nanny determines which difficult to keep your kids, we may refuse it.
・Please pick up your children on time.
・We did not provide any lunch or meals. If you would like to childcare for whole day, please pick up your children before lunch time.
Please finish lunch before afternoon section.
・ We will attention to your children's safety, but we would not take any responsibility if they are injured.
・ For any case of emergency, we will contact your mobile phone, etc.. Please make sure that you would not leave the resort during childcare time.

・Drinks (water bottles or juice or bottles of tea)
 ※Please bring a drinks that children drink for daily life.
・Clothe(s) for changing used,
・3 to 5 diapers (If child still need to use diaper)
・Baby Wipes (if child still need to use diaper)