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Salomon Station

We offer ski and snowboard gear rental.
In addition to carrying all sizes, from child to adult, as well as a variety of colors and designs from Salomon, we also carry high end designs from a variety of brands. We want you to hit the slopes using the gear that suits you the best.
Whether you’re on skis or a snowboard, it is in the nature of sports that gear safety comes before experience or technique.
Salomon Station at LOTTE ARAI RESORT is a member of the network of “S-B-B certified technicians” recommended by the Association of Japan Ski Promotion. We provide equipment that has passed the ISO11088 assembly, adjustment, and inspection standards.


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    Rental Shop
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・2019.12.14-20 / 2020.3.16-4.12


  • Skis: 500/Snowboards: 300
  • Ski boots: 600 pairs/Snowboard boots: 360 pairs
  • Ski wear: 300 sets
  • We carry all types of accessories, including helmets, boots, and more
  • New models (skis and snowboards) are available as high-end equipment for advanced users
  • For information on rental fees, see the rental page.


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