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Spa Manna

Spa Manna is a complete relaxation facility with a spa, pool, and fitness center.


  • Type
    Fitness & Spa
  • Location
  • Hours
    Closed in Summer


  • Spa

The onsen spa contains natural ingredients that are perfect for all guests, young and old. You can find both a dry and mist sauna inside. You can enjoy the scenery of Mt. Takagi and Mt. Nanba in the open air hot spring.

  • Pool/Fitness

Combined with the fitness center, there are two types of pool – a water pool and a walking pool. There are also poolside reclining chairs, perfect for relaxation. Please feel free to utilize the cafeteria and Salon Kokoro in the comfort of your swim suit.

Non-guests (towel included): Onsen + fitness center + pool (Adults: 2,600 yen, Children under 12: 1,500 yen)

Resort guests (towel included): Onsen + fitness center + pool (free), Pool (Adults: 2,340, Children: 1,350 yen)

Children under three years of age enter free


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