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Aquarium & Breakfast package

Breakfast Experience Program

In this package, you can buy Joetsu city aquarium Umigatari tickets at a special price at a front.
You can enter the aquarium directly by these tickets.

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Stay 2018-09-15 ~ 2019-04-30
Booking 2018-09-15 ~ 2019-04-30
Package details
Lotte Arai Resort-Offers-Package

Joetsu city aquarium Umigatari

2018 brand new open!
-Magellanic Penguin Museum
The world's largest keeping number!
Experience the herd of Magellanic penguins that Joetsu City presents.

-Dolphin Stadium
the dolphin exhibition is held throughout the year showing the charm of dolphins in various ways.
Lotte Arai Resort-Offers-Package

Special price

Buy at front
Adult (18 years old and older) : 1,620 yen
16 to 18 years old: 990 yen
6 to 15 years old: 810 yen
4 to 5 years old: 450 yen
65 years old and older : 1,350 yen
  • The tickets are offered only for customers who use this package.
  • No refund.
  • This package doesn't include tickets fee. You need to buy them at front separately.
  • Excluding 8% VAT
  • An operation period of the ski slope is scheduled from Dec. 15th, 2018 to May 19th, 2019.
  • A part of restaurants might be closed for a renewal from November to Dec. 14th.
  • Child 13 years old and older is counted a person room charge is same as an adult. Meal charge apply for same as an adult.
  • ・Child 12 years old and younger can share the bed without any additional charges, but additional meal charges apply for child 4-12years old.
  • ※Meals for 3 years and under are no charge.
  • Parking Lot Guidance
  • Guests stay at LODGE, CLUB, or NEST.
  • You can park your car at the indoor parking space next to the rotary.
  • Guests stay at ARAI.
  • You can park your car at the P2 parking.
  • Free Shattle Bus.
  • We run the free shattle bus between Joetsu Myoko Station and LOTTE Arai Resort for stay guests.
  • Bus timetable
  • Please find it on the official HP. 'LOTTE ARAI RESORT' -> 'Location'