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Dive into a canvas of pure white.
The only rules are the starting line and the finish. Here, riders read the terrain and texture of the snow, then drop in the line they envision. First held in Switzerland in 1996, the FREERIDE WORLD TOUR (FWT) is an event where participants show off their technique and style on natural terrains while competing to be world’s #1. It was held for the first time in Japan in 2017. See the extreme skills of world-class riders, compete in a wide variety of categories, and paint a line all your own on a pure white canvas.



With the spread of new coronavirus infections in Japan,
Although it was a bitter decision, it was scheduled to be held from Wednesday, March 11 to Friday, March 13
"FWQ Freeride Lotte Arai 2 * 2020" has been decided to cancel.

All of the management staff have been preparing for the tournament,
Due to the health and safety aspects of the participants and stakeholders, we decided to cancel.

With the decision of this cancellation, the people concerned and everyone who looked forward to the tournament,
We sincerely apologize for the sudden announcement.


(Wed) March 11-13 ,8:00~


LOTTE Arai Resort


The event is open to everyone, from the world’s top riders to junior athletes.


This year’s installment in Hakuba will the opening leg of the Global 5-star Championship with the top 50 athletes in the world participating.


Tour events are held in 50 locations around the world and now in Japan, as well.
Whether you're into moguls, alpine or technical skiiing,
this event is open to skiiers and snowboarders of all styles.


Your rivals are 2,200 competitors from around the world.
Make your presence felt around the globe with the coolest free ride (for ages 10-18)


Scoring is based on five criteria.

1. Difficulty of Line

This measures how cool and original the line chosen by the rider was. A high score requires creativity and imagination. However, if you choose a line that is too risky, points may be deducted.

2. Control

No matter how cool the line you choose, if you don’t maintain control of your ride, your point total will not rise. Any falls or loss of balance will result in large deductions. What’s important is the skill and precision with which you are able to estimate your line before your drop.

3. Fluidity

This criterion judges whether you were able to ride your line smoothly from start to finish, without any repeated stops or restarts. Points will be deducted if your lateral movements are too long, if you travel back up the slope, or if you pause for multiple seconds before jumps.

4. Jumps

Jumps are an important element of free-ride tournaments. Stylishly cool and aggressive jumps will pile up points fast. You will be judged based on your jump’s length, approach, mid-air tricks, landing, and overall control.

5. Technique (技術)

This is a measure of your mastery of the techniques of alpen and freestyle skiing. If a rider loses control due to a lack of technique, points will be deducted from this section. Deductions will also occur if you ride laterally through paths where other riders carved their turns.