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Equipment rentals for LOTTE ARAI RESORT are available at Salomon Station

For skis and snowboards, the safety of the
constituent materials is more crucial than experience and technique, due to the nature of the sport. 
Arai Salomon Station follows the SBB Recognized Maintenance Technicians system, as recommended by the Japan Ski Industry Promotion Association.  
It provides materials to its customers that follow the assembly and adjustment standards of the international standard ISO11088.

In addition to stylish Salomon products of various sizes, colors, and designs for children and adults, there are also various high-end brands and types of models. 
Enjoy the snow-covered mountains with your favorite model. 


7:30am - 8:30pm
(except period of night operation, until 16:30 / Last check-in 30 min before closing)
*2019.12.14-20 / 2020.3.16-4.12

Rental Price

Adult Fare

Rental Type1 Day 1 Day 2 Days Add 1 day

High-end Set

(skis, boots, poles / snowboard, boots)

JPY 7,500 JPY 14,500 JPY 6,500

Standard Set

(skis, boots, poles / snowboard, boots)

JPY 5,000 JPY 9,700 JPY 4,400
Top and bottom wear JPY 3,500 JPY 6,800 JPY 3,100

High-end pieces

(skis, poles / snowboard)

JPY 6,000 JPY 11,600 JPY 5,200

Standard pieces

(skis, poles / snowboard)

JPY 4,200 JPY 8,200 JPY 3,700


(ski boots / snowboard boots)

JPY 2,600 JPY 5,100 JPY 2,300
Poles (ski poles) JPY 900 JPY 1,800 JPY 800
Top JPY 2,400 JPY 4,700 JPY 2,100
Bottom JPY 2,400 JPY 4,700 JPY 2,100
Boots JPY 500 JPY 1,000 JPY 500
Helmet JPY 900 JPY 1,800 JPY 800

Child Fare

Rental Type 1 Day 2 Days Add 1 day

Standard Set

(skis, boots, poles / snowboard, boots)

JPY 4,200 JPY 8,200 JPY 3,700

Wear set

(jacket + pants)

JPY 3,000 JPY 5,800 JPY 2,600

Standard pieces

(skis, poles / snowboard)

JPY 3,000 JPY 5,800 JPY 2,600


(ski boots / snowboard boots)

JPY 1,400 JPY 2,800 JPY 1,300
Poles (ski poles) JPY 700 JPY 1,400 JPY 700
Top JPY 1,800 JPY 3,500 JPY 1,600
Bottom JPY 1,800 JPY 3,500 JPY 1,600
Boots JPY 500 JPY 1,000 JPY 500
Helmet JPY 900 JPY 1,800 JPY 800

Rental Products

LOTTE ARAI RESORT SALOMON STATION uses wax-future on all products, from high-end models to standard models, and prepares the products so that they can deliver the best performance every time.
In addition, the staff at the tune-up shop offer quality waxing service (for a fee) fit to the day's snow conditions.

※ Things to note before renting

Skier Types (Skiing only)

How to equip snowboard

I.: Low-speed skiers on beginner or intermediate level slopes (cautious skiers)
II.: All other skiers who do not fall under categories (I) or (III)
III.: High-speed skiers on medium to steep slopes (adventurous skiers)

R: Regular Stance; Left foot in front
G: Goofy Stance; Right foot in front

R: Regular Stance; Left foot in front
G: Goofy Stance; Right foot in front

If you are using ARAI SALOMON STATION, we highly recommend purchasing high-end products. They offer a wide range of products that perform strongly in Japan's heavy snow areas.
The latest high-end models for mid-level skiers are also being offered mainly through Salomon products.
High-end models are suitable for those who do not get enough from standard models or wish to improve their skills while enjoying skiing down the slopes.

Introducing an all new 3 size model designed by Wolfgang Nyvelt! Sickstick, the brand that defined freestyle riding for Backcountry, has been renewed for 2017.
It uses a 12 mm taper that demonstrates a high level of repulsive power and buoyancy on deep snow, rock out camber, and quadralizer that make excellent edge control possible. Optimal performance is unleashed with an ABS Wrapper structure, Ghost Green Core and ABS + Bamboo, all of which contribute to a lighter weight construction.

Keeping Skis at the Rental Shop

Items eligible for in-shop storage

- Skis, snowboards, boots, and poles owned by guests staying at LOTTE ARAI RESORT.
- Rental skis, snowboards, boots, or poles from customers who are not staying at the resort but are renting for a period of two or more days
- Gear (owned by the customer) submitted for a wax tune-up that is to be returned the following day.

Items ineligible for in-shop storage

- Items other than skis, snowboards, boots, or poles
(Other items may be placed in a coin locker. Guests staying in the LOTTE ARAI RESORT complex may make use of the ski lockers located in each hotel.)
- Items being left only for the purpose of drying (items will not dry in a short amount of time, even if they are placed in a drying room)
- Damaged, dirty, or odorous skis, snowboards, boots, or poles that are not rentals from LOTTE ARAI RESORT.

In-shop storage fee

- ¥1,000 per set kept overnight (for guests of the resort and non-guests)
- Free of charge for customers who have submitted their gear for a wax tune-up.

Drop-off/Pick-up Hours

Storage service has the same operating hours as the rental shop.


LOTTE ARAI RESORT Salomon Station TEL: 0255-75-1175

How to deal with problems with rental products

Rental product exchange

- Skis / standard snowboard models / boots / clothing: Rentals cannot be exchanged for a different size and type after use.
- Exchange can be made at JPY 2000 once per day.
- High-end Models:during period of rental, exchange can be made at JPY 2000 per time.

Changing rental prroduct

- Changing during period of rental(Ski ⇒Snow board、Snow board⇒Ski ) can be made at JPY 2000 per time.


-Upgrading during period of rental(Standard ⇒ High-end) would be needed to pay the difference between the standard and high-end 's basic fare.

※After once upgrading is made, it can't be changed back as before.

How to deal with defects in rental products

- Please inform the LOTTE ARAI RESORT information desk of any problems concerning the handling of equipment, etc.
- Customers should never attempt to make adjustments to equipment themselves.
- If you are unable to make it to the rental shop or the information desk due to problems on the slopes, please consult the nearest LOTTE ARAI RESORT staff member.

How to deal with theft/loss/damage of rental products

※ We apologize for the inconvenience, but please have your application for storage with you when you visit the shop.
※ Contact Information: Salomon Shop (Tel: 0255-75-1175)
※ In the event of theft, loss, or damage, we may charge the following fees:
1) Billing Procedure
· Theft/loss: full cost of the item(s)
· Damage: charges will be based on the condition of the item(s)
2) Charge amount
· High-end skis/snowboards: Regular price
· Standard skis/snowboards: JPY 30,000
· Boots: JPY 20,000
· Ski poles: JPY 5,000
· Clothing: JPY 20,000
· Accessories JPY 5,000