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LOTTE Arai FIS Cup Events

Announcement of cancellation

LOTTE ARAI FIS CUP 2020, which was scheduled for April 10-12, 2020, will take into account the situation of the new coronavirus infectious disease from the All Japan Ski Federation (SAJ),

the official body of the tournament,

this season. Has been notified that all official competitions will be canceled. We are pleased to announce that LOTTE ARAI FIS CUP 2020 will be discontinued accordingly.

Since this is the first year of the event, we have been preparing carefully for the day of the tournament.

LO LOTTE ARAI FIS CUP is scheduled to be held from the end of March to the beginning of April every year.

The specific date of LOTTE ARAI FIS CUP 2021 will be determined in consultation with the All Japan Ski Federation.

This time it was canceled due to the influence of the global coronavirus, but we will continue to do our best because we will continue to transmit the splendor of the region to the world through the tournament,

so we will continue to do LOTTE ARAI FIS in the future We hope that you can expect CUP.


April 11, 2020 (Sat) ~ April 12, 2020 (Sun)