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Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Objective

All skiing, snow-related sports, and play conducted on the grounds of the ski resort operated by the Lotte Arai Resort shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions outlined in these terms and conditions. Lotte Arai Resort shall comply with the terms outlined in the a€œNational Ski Safety Standardsa€? (National Ski Safety Council, October 2013, revised edition), as well as with societal standards regarding matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions, pursuant to the provisions of all laws and ordinances.

Article 2: Notice

  • 1. Lotte Arai Resort handles operations with the utmost care to protect the customera€™s safety; however, we ask that guests take a moment to fully understand the following conditions, so that accidents do not occur:
  • 2. Guests should be aware of the following specific potential dangers at the ski resort and should make efforts to avoid such dangers:
    • (i¼‘)Dangerous weather conditions such as snowfall, rain, strong winds, lightning, hail, heavy fog, etc.
    • (i¼’) Dangerous terrain such as cliffs, steep slopes, uneven terrain, etc.
    • (i¼“) Dangers related to snow and ice such as ice burns, deep snow, crevasses, ice cracks, and avalanches
    • (i¼”)Dangers from natural objects such as rocks, bushes, tree stumps, trees, and exposed ground surfaces
    • (i¼?)Lift pillars, buildings, night light supports and weather observation columns, surveillance camera posts, and Gazex (gas exploder/avalanche control system), etc. Dangers related to artificial obstacles
    • (i¼?) Issues related to approaching or colliding with other guests
    • (i¼?)Self-inflicted mistakes
    • (i¼?) Other similar risks not outlined above

Article 3: Prohibited Items

  • 1. Guests are prohibited from entering locations outside of the resort managed areas. Even within the areas managed by the ski resort, guests are prohibited from entering fully restricted zones, as well as zones and courses closed for avalanche management. Guests are also prohibited from going under ropes and skiing in non-designated locations. Please observe the a€œArai Rulesa€?, which are defined separately.
  • 2. Please do not allow your children to access areas that cannot be easily observed by a parent or guardian.
  • 3. Handling of drones, radio controlled devices, and unmanned devices within the ski resort and hotel grounds is strictly prohibited.
  • 4. Lotte Arai Resort will not take any responsibility for accidents caused by ignorance or neglect of the resorta€™s rules, as outlined in this notice or the following articles, on the part of guests.
  • 5. Lotte Arai Resort will refuse use of the ski resort to guests who are unable or unwilling to comply with the terms outlined in items 1 through 5.

Article 4: Rules of Conduct

Skiing and snowboarding possess a certain extent of inherent danger, namely because they involve many people moving separately at high speeds. Therefore, we ask guests to take responsibility for their actions in order to prevent injury to themselves and protect the safety of others. Please be sure to observe the following rules of conduct to ensure safety at the ski resort operated by Lotte Arai.

  • 1. Never harm or threaten others.
  • 2. Control your speed in accordance with the terrain, weather, snow quality, skill level, physical condition, and slope congestion, etc., in addition to always being prepared to stop in order to avoid dangerous situations.
  • 3. Be mindful of persons skiing in front of you.
  • 4. When passing, please be sure to leave plenty of space between you and the other person.
  • 5. When starting, merging, or crossing a slope, always be sure to check back up the slope to ensure everyonea€™s safety.
  • 6. Never sit down in the middle of a ski course. Refrain from stopping in narrow places or places that cannot easily be seen from further up slope. In the event you fall, you must stand up and clear the course as quickly as possible.
  • 7. When climbing, walking, or stopping, you must do so along the edges of the course.
  • 8. Be prepared to stop according to the situation, so as to not endanger other guests while skiing or snowboarding.
  • 9. Obey all posted signs, markings, and internal broadcasts, and follow the instructions of ski patrol and ski resort staff at all times.
  • 10. In the event of an accident, comply with all rescue efforts and reports. If asked, you must identify yourself, regardless of whether or not you were involved or if you were a witness.

Article 5: Guest Responsibilities

  • 1. Lotte Arai Resort reserves the right to request compensation or reimbursement for all damages in the event that the resort suffers damages or losses due to a guesta€™s inability to follow the law or the terms and conditions of the resort.
  • 2. In the event that resort guests or their acquaintances violate Article 2, paragraph 3 of these terms and conditions, and subsequently require rescue after entering off-limits areas, Lotte Arai Resort will rely upon the efforts of fire and police departments for rescue operations.
  • 3. Regarding operations in areas not managed by the ski resort, rescue operations will be carried out with the ski patrol as the main agency, when the resort is requested to do so by the police, fire, or related government departments.
  • 4. Once Lotte Arai Resort has completed a rescue operation, the resort will request payment for items relating to the search and/or rescue operation in a detailed statement showing costs, including, but not limited to, personnel fees, snow equipment fees, roadway fees, lighting fees, etc.
  • 5. The resort takes no responsibility for the theft of skis, snowboards, or equipment left temporarily on resort grounds or parking lots. However, there are exceptions if there is intentional negligence by the resort.

Article 6: Acts of God

We reserve the right to suspend operation of ski grounds, parts of lifts, or all operations if there is a possibility that guest safety cannot be ensured due to inclement weather, natural disasters, or other acts of God. Furthermore, we reserve the right to shut down all or parts of any slope, at any time.

Article 7: Other

We reserve the right to refuse service to designated organized crime groups and anti-social groups, as well as their members, in addition to any violent or radical organizations and their members, under the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (effective March 1, 1992).

Supplementary Provision(s)

These terms and conditions are effective as of December 1, 2017.

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