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Delica-Hans is a premium bakery brand at LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN that sells freshly baked bread every day. All of the bread at Delica-Hans is baked by first ripening home-cultivated fermentation species for prolonged periods of time instead of using yeast. This not only makes the bread easy to digest and enjoyable by guests all ages, but this process also helps keep the bread soft for an extended period of time. The cakes are baked with dedication using only the finest ingredients under the philosophy of staying true to the basics, while adding a special element of joy to any party. The red bean bread is made by stuffing unsweetened boiled red beans into a soft batter. This pastry quickly became Delica-Hans' signature item and has maintained its popularity with guests.


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Delica Hans


* 09:00~21:00


• Delica-Hans also accepts special cake orders for anniversaries

• Features a large assortment of special products (collection of 60 wines from all over the world, handmade chocolate, tea, etc.)


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