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Located on the 43rd floor of LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN, Momoyama offers guests a magnificent view that stretches from Seomyeon—the commercial center of Busan—all the way to the Busan Harbor Bridge. Momoyama boasts a beautifully decorated interior design with an olive green and natural wood theme, which seems to perfectly complement each of the four seasons. It offers a fine dining experience that is complete with an impressive selection of traditional Japanese multi-course Kaiseki dinners and premium Japanese sake.
The sushi counter offers seating that faces the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows, enabling visitors to enjoy a splendid view of the clear daytime skies or moonlit nights as they enjoy the Omakase menu prepared by top chefs using only the best seasonal ingredients.


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Lunch: 12:00 ~ 15:00 (L.O Hall&Room 14:20 / Sushi Bar 14:00)
Dinner: 18:00 ~ 21:30 (L.O Hall 20:30 / Room&Sushi Bar 20:00)


• Three general meeting rooms
 - Mae Room: for up to 6 people
 - Nan Room: for up to 8 people
 - Juk Room: for up to 12 people

• One private Tatami meeting rooms
 - Kuk Room: for up to 6 people

• Momoyama has a wide selection of 30 different types that were hand-selected by a Kikisake-shi (certified sake sommelier)
• Menus are subject to change due to the availability of seasonal ingredients


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