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LOTTE Hotel Busan’s The Lounge, decorated with a light gray-and-golden brown motif, is one of the most elegant and upscale relaxing establishments in the city. Open from morning ‘til late night, The Lounge offers over 60 different beverages to satisfy the most unique preferences, as well as food that includes chop steak, smoked salmon and fish & chips. Dimmed lighting in the evening helps to create a romantic mood.,The Lounge offers a leisurely break from a hectic daily routine, an opportunity to recharge your depleted energy. If you’re looking to host an important gathering, try one of The Lounge’s two private rooms, where the luxurious atmosphere will add a dash of class to any gathering.


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    Lounge & Bar
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• Authentic European Afternoon Tea Set(12:00~17:00)
 - A wide variety of sandwiches, scones, cookies and other desserts and beverages
 - Dessert + coffee or tea set (for two): KRW 47,000
 - Dessert + sparkling wine set(for two): KRW 50,000

• Private rooms: reservation required
 - Red Room: Accommodates up to six
 - Blue Room: Accommodates up to four


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