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Golf Driving Range

The golf range at LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN has 20 practice tees equipped with an automatic tee-up system and 50-meter driving distance. and 20 practice tees. Improve your golf skills with advanced facilities that make you feel as if you are playing on a natural fairway while taking golf lessons from our professional golf staff.


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  • Information on Golf Driving Range Usage Fee

1 session: 32,000 won / 40 minutes
10 sessions: 300,000 won / 40 minutes per session
20 sessions: 550,000 won / 40 minutes per session
50% discount available for Fitness Club members, 30% discount for hotel guests, and 20% discount for Trevi Club members

  • Information on Golf Lesson Fee

10 lessons: 400,000 won (20 minutes / validity period 1 month)
20 lessons: 770,000 won (20 minutes / validity period 2 months)
One point: 80,000 won (Lessons minutes + free 20 minutes)

  • Inquiry on usage
  • Please contact the information desk below for the use and instruction of the golf driving range
  • Sunday-Friday: Inquiries about the information desk on the 6th floor
  • Saturday : 7th floor information desk inquiry (open from 14:00 to 22:00)
  • Closed on the 4th Wednesday of every month / Closed in April: 24th
  • Please understand that if hazardous factors such as flying debris, overturning of facilitiess, or freezing are detected due to bad weather caused by strong winds, precipitation, or temperature, the golf driving range operation may be terminated.


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