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Concept of LOTTE HOTEL Wedding

Lotte hotel busan Crystalballroom


The flower decorations from LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN are constantly updated to match the concept of your wedding and the preferences of the bride and groom. The centerpieces and bouquet will be designed to further enhance the happiest moment of your life.
Lotte hotel busan Crystalballroom

Table Decoration

Our elegant and modern table decorations in a variety of styles will enhance the class of your wedding. Customize each aspect down to the concept and color for the wedding of your dreams.
Lotte hotel busan Crystalballroom


The artful meals and elegant service at LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN will be a guaranteed success for even the most finicky guests. The specially designed menu will enhance your event with an exclusivity that can only be found at LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN.