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SIGNIEL BUSAN’s Chaoran is a Chinese restaurant that reflects the heritage of Hong Kong in the flourishing era of the 1920s.
Chaoran, a Modern Chinese Tapas&Bar, serves dim sum and tea during the day and cocktails in the evening, alongside an assortment of dishes designed in collaboration with the executive chef of a Michelin star restaurant.


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    Chinese Restaurant
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Lunch 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM ( Last Order 2:30 PM )
Dinner 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM ( Last Order 9:00 PM )


ㆍHall 106 Seats/ PDR 30 Seats (3 rooms for 10 people) / Bar 10 Seats
ㆍConsultations with the executive chef of a Michelin star restaurant to bring out the best authentic, modern, Cantonese flavors.
ㆍSelection of various Chinese teas
ㆍMixologist's signature cocktails
ㆍDim sum and Chinese tapas


[Course Menu]
2 Lunches: KRW 68,000 / KRW 90,000
2 Dinners: KRW 120,000 / KRW 180,000

[A La Carte]
Menu: KRW 15,000 to KRW 190,000
Peking Duck: KRW 150,000
Cocktail: KRW 15,000 to KRW 25,000
Chinese tea: KRW 18,000 to KRW 22,000 / Pot


TEL +82-51-922-1250 Make a Call