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Life beyond Expectations
SIGNIEL provides quality that rises above all your expectations. We offer the finest personal services along with a luxurious style you cannot find anywhere else.

Treat yourself to life’s greatest privileges by staying at SIGNIEL. Your stay will be an unforgettable experience.
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Enriching moments at global destination
The history of LOTTE HOTELS reflects pride and genuine heartfelt respect for our guests. Representing delicacy and refinement in facilities and services, we consistently provide the ultimate in satisfaction at every property across the world.
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A journey for inspiration
L7 HOTEL is a lifestyle hotel designed to bring new experiences and inspiration to culture creators and millennials.
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Modern convenience and design for balanced travel
Everything has been designed with business travelers in mind. With modern services and rooms, business travel will be more comfortable than ever before. LOTTE City Hotels will always be available to guests so that all aspects of the hotel are convenient, accessible, and stress-free.
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Design the Value of Time
LOTTE RESORT is a travel destination in itself, with various leisure activities and themed relaxation.
Plan the perfect trip with comfortable and elegant rooms, and relax in the beauty of nature.
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LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS is the largest hotel group in Korea and is expanding beyond Asia to become a global brand that moves the hearts of customers by offering consistent high-quality services and facilities anywhere in the world. LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS offers comfortable rooms and premium hotel services that were designed in thoughtful consideration of guests who pursue a balanced lifestyle and place value on the finer things in life. The gourmet meals at our hotel restaurants and lounges are a delightful experience and our various facilities will never fall short of satisfying guests who are traveling for business or leisure. Check the official website for hotel packages and special events and promotions that allow you to experience SIGNIEL, LOTTE HOTELS, L7 HOTELS, and LOTTE City Hotels at a special price with additional benefits.