L7 Hotel

L7 Hotel is a lifestyle hotel designed to bring new experiences and inspiration to culture creators and millennials.

Our Story

A journey for inspiration

We took the local culture and sensibility of the area where L7 Hotel is located and made the hotel into a special destination for travelers. L7 Hotel is not only a comfortable place to relax but also a place where people of different lifestyles and local creators gather and interact freely.

Key Features

Guest Rooms
The rooms at L7 Hotels have trendy interiors and designs. Wake up to a more pleasant morning than anywhere else with the He:on bedding that L7 Hotels have manufactured in collaboration with Simmons. The suites are filled with the unique lifestyles of each local area. You can immerse yourself in an artistic space overflowing with inspiration, or create memorable moments by having a glamorous party with your friends.
Lounge & Floating Bar
At the lounge, anyone can immerse themselves in their work or make creative exchanges. It is a multi-cultural space where you can comfortably relax and find inspiration of your own.

At Floating Bar, dubbed an oasis in the city, you can feel the cool breeze while enjoying a signature L7 cocktail.
L7 People (LP)
The most delightful experience at L7 Hotel is to meet the LPs. The LPs are the pride of L7 Hotel and will greet you in a cheerful yet dignified manner. If you are looking for a hidden, popular restaurant or a special local experience, just ask an LP.
Cultural Contents
Something fun is always happening at L7 Hotel. Creators of music, art, fashion, and other areas gather at L7 Hotel to hold showcases, including collaborative parties and concerts.
L7 Hotel has recently introduced a self check-in/check-out system. After making reservations via our application, you can easily check-in and check-out using a text message or QR code.
L7 Signature Coffee
Mornings at L7 Hotel begin with a small surprise. L7 Signature Coffee, prepared slowly and carefully, contains the rich sweetness of chocolate, an abundance of flavour, and a crisp body. By serving coffee certified by the Rainforest Alliance, L7 Hotel is taking part in the pursuit of social and environmental values.