Lotte City Hotels

Everything has been designed ideally for business travelers. Along with modern service and stylish rooms, business travel will be more comfortable thant ever imagined.

Our Story

A hotel providing
unprecedented satisfaction

Although ostensibly simple, all essential service and facilities are provided for customers.

A hotel providing functional and practical service and facilities with easy access for everyone.

Key Features

Aesthetically pleasing design pursues modern comfort showcasing a contemporary touch unique style hitherto unprecedented in any hotels of the same class.
Providing spacious work space resting space for business customers bracing for a successful tomorrow.
Enjoy the facilities for the best full relaxation.
Functional and practical facilities and services that everyone can conveniently use.
An unforgettable dining experience awaits you with a range of expertly-selected menus at reasonable prices. We insist on only premium ingredients.
The modern dinning place is tailored to the attributes of each hotel further enhancing your style. Indulge in leisurely meals and blissful rest with Lotte City Hotel Dining.
We provide the best services for your successful business.
Fantastic and romantic special moment of your life will be remembered forever with vivid experience of emotional fulfillment.