Lotte Hotel

Comfortable rooms in elegant and modern style combined with warm and caring services. A delightful world of haute cuisine for guests seeking a stylish lifestyle. A refined fitness club for healthy life and the largest duty-free shop in Korea. Whether it is business, leisure, or peaceful rest, Lotte Hotel has something for everyone.

Our Story

Lotte Hotel Global - Brand Introduction - Lotte Hotel OUTSANDING

We have forged our renown acclaim with lavish elegant service facilities.

Lotte Hotel Global - Brand - Lotte Hotel ASSURING

We offer continuous satisfaction by providing customers with reliable service facilities in our hotels worldwide.

Lotte Hotel Global - Brand - Lotte Hotel CARING

We make every effort to provide customers with lavish caring service for the sake of their respect dignity.

Key Features



Provide a feeling of home away from home in a sophisticated and modern atmosphere.
Considering various tastes and styles of customers, different styles of guest rooms are ready in sophisticated atmosphere.


Its innovative original recipes let you enjoy diverse global cuisine including Korean, Chinese, Japanese and other cuisines.
With its upscale interior and stunning views, make unforgettable moments in your life and enjoy delicious cuisine.


Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for various events including international conventions, business seminars small-sized meetings.
Lotte Hotel has been successful in attracting major international events equipped with the features necessary for successful business including exclusive service and facilities such as simultaneous interpretation & video conference systems and large-scale screen projectors.


Your romantic and special moments will be vividly embedded in your mind.
Special consultants will make perfect preparations for your wedding ranging from classy weddings with tradition and style to modern and sophisticated weddings. Lotte Hotel`s wedding service takes pride in its incomparable reputation offering diverse original wedding styles, beautiful decorations, sumptuous dining and other elegant services. We will do our best to make you look your best as the most beautiful bride.
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Lotte Hotel, in pursuit of becoming a multiplex for various customers, including business travelers and tourists provides differentiated convenience.
• Stay in shape with balancing mind and body with our luxury fitness and spa facilities.
• Offers easy access to various services and state-of-the-art facilities for successful business.
• An outdoor pool, garden and private beach lounge in perfect harmony with nature will provide customers with the ultimate rest.
• Connected to a duty free shop and a department store where customers can access various brands, affording the ultimate shopping experience. Customers have an access to one-stop service with comfortable accommodations and pleasant shopping.