LOTTE RESORT is a themed recreational resort filled with an extensive range of events to be enjoyed and will in itself become the destination of your trip. Your trip will become perfect in the comfortable and refined guest room in the midst of cozy environment created by nature.

Our Story

Lotte Hotel Global - Brands - Resort - MULTIPLE

Resort that offers everything from rest to leisure and cultural experiences with a variety of services in a beautiful natural environment.

Lotte Hotel Global - Brands - Resort - RESTFUL

Resort that offers comfort and rest with a romantic ambience and convenient facilities.

Lotte Hotel Global - Brand - Resort - TOUCHED

Resort that moves the hearts of guests with the natural landscape and considerate services.

Key Features

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Your heart will be moved by the experience of comfortable rest and nature. The panoramic view of nature will offer you a wonderfully relaxing experience and create wonderful photo memories. Relieve your daily life stresses and recharge yourself with renewed energies in a venue that is harmonized with nature. The comfortable yet refined interior will produce the optimal ambience for your rest. You will be able to experience true healing through the leisure of your body and mind.
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Fully experience what it means to be refreshed with wide open scenic views. Add excitement to your rest. Aquatic game facilities under a wide range of themes and spa facilities are wonderful venues that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. There are endless ways to make happy memories as you enjoy the atmosphere provided by nature along with the excitement of attractions.
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Add an extra touch of dignity to business with the best banquet services. Experience optimal banquet services catered to a diverse range of preferences and sizes ranging from small family gathering to large-scale international events. Our cozy spaces and most advanced systems will elevate the class of your business activities. LOTTE RESORT’s exclusive MICE management expertise will assist you in holding successful business events. We will carefully consider the concept of the events and a wide range of needs for the events.
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The freshest food ingredient brought in directly from the production sites will create a mesmerizing culinary experience. All dishes are prepared using seasonal food ingredients that were grown in a clean natural environment with sincerity. You can enjoy a wide range of dining formats including a la carte, buffet and outdoor BBQ according to the season under a comfortable yet refined ambience.