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CEO Greeting

Lotte Hotel Brand - CEO Greeting - Representative Photo

Greetings, Welcome to Lotte Hotel Web site.

Founded in 1973, Lotte Hotel was born from the ‘Bando Hotel,’ Korea’s first privately-owned hotel opened in 1938. Ever since its establishment, Lotte Hotels & Resorts has grown and developed into the best hotel & resort group in Korea with world-class competitiveness. The opening of hotels in Moscow (Russia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Saigon(Vietnam), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Guam(US), and New York(US) marks its step towards becoming a leading global hotels & resorts group.

The spirit of Lotte Hotel is "to love our guests."

With our world-class service and facilities, Lotte Hotels & Resorts is determined to become the premier hotel that could improve the quality of our customers’ life. On behalf of Lotte Hotels & Resorts, I extend our sincere appreciation for choosing to stay with us.
Thank you.

President and CEO of Lotte Hotels&Resorts
Jay(Jung Hwan), Kim