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LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS COVID-19 global care & cleanliness Commitment


The priority for LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS is to provide a clean and safe environment for our guests.
Subsequently, we have distributed the LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS CLEAN CARE GUIDELINES to all chains, both in Korea and abroad, to establish a hygiene and disinfection standard and strictly oversee safe hygiene practices.


- Measuring body temperature
We have set up thermographic cameras to continuously monitor the body temperature of all staff and guests. We also use a no-contact thermometer to measure the body temperature of everyone who enters the hotel. We also require that all guests fill out a medical questionnaire upon check-in to check for high fever or any other symptoms.

- Wearing a mask
All staff at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS are required to wear a mask while on duty. For the safety of our guests, wearing masks is recommended when entering the hotel, and required when using the buffet restaurant.

- Cleaning hands
We have equipped public spaces, the front desk, restaurant, the staff lounge, and all around the hotel in general with hand sanitizer so that our guest may frequently clean their hands. In addition, for the safe use of the buffet restaurant, we advise all diners to sanitize their hands and wear plastic gloves.

-Operating a Clean Zone
All chain hotels conduct regular disinfection to operate a “Clean Zone” and we inform our guests of the zones located both inside and outside of the hotel with signs. We also disinfect rooms reserved for a stay and put a Clean Zone sticker that reads “Disinfected Room” on the door to help our guests feel safe.

- Physical Distancing
In efforts to minimize person-to-person contact, we encourage our guests to maintain social distance when waiting at the front desk or entering the restaurant. We have also separated the walking routes of staff and guests to increase hygiene safety. We have also adopted the “Knock and Place” policy to provide no-contact delivery for room services. For guests who ordered room service, we place the delivery cart in front of their door and knock or ring the doorbell to inform them of the delivery.

- Cleaning and Disinfecting
We regularly disinfect all public areas inside the hotel including the restaurant, front desk, and fitness center with fumigation. Frequently touched surfaces (such as elevator buttons, menus, and handles) are disinfected in addition to routine disinfection and tested for pollution levels. Frequently touched items inside the rooms (note pad, pamphlet, etc.) are placed in the room on a limited basis to minimize risk factors. Room keys for our staying guests are disinfected in advance. All employees receive enhanced hygiene training to help guarantee a safe hotel environment.

We at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS will do our best to heighten hygiene and disinfection levels so that our guests may feel safe and enjoy their stay. In accordance with the guidelines set out by the public health authorities (WHO and Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), we will continuously keep up to date with the LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS CLEAN CARE GUIDELINES and promise the safest level of hygiene to our guests.

Thank you.