With expertise from 40 years of experience in the hospitality business, LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS respectfully assists and creates the ideal hotel at designated sites together.
After detail reviews of local cultures and demands, our qualified Development Team will propose the most profitable brand for the chosen location.
Advice on viability covers from preparation to all the necessary information to operate a hotel.

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Project Type

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New Built Project

Participate in the development project from the design phase to hotel opening to be operated as a LOTTE HOTEL.

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Mixed-use Planning Project

Participate in the development project of mixed-use building or resort to open and operate a LOTTE HOTEL.

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Conversion from an Independent Hotel

Take part in converting an owner-operated independent hotel into a Lotte branded hotel with Lotte brand standard, from renovation to management.

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Conversion from a Branded-chain Hotel

Take part in converting a hotel which was managed or franchised by branded-chain hotel into Lotte branded hotel with Lotte brand standard.

Conversion a Building into a Hotel

Participate in a project to convert and develop buildings for other uses, such as residential and office buildings into LOTTE HOTEL.

Perfoming Services

Worldwide Sales Powers

  • Our experienced global sales offices cultivate those all-important business-to-business relationships that drive revenues into your hotels
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  • With LOTTE HOTEL REWARDS, you can attract new guests as well as offering them personalized services and care
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  • The LOTTE HOTEL Booker Club is a program for Booker guests who make reservation frequently for visitors to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS
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