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Two Lover's Point

Two Lover`s Point

Most beloved by tourists, at Two Lovers Point you can see a breathtaking view and get a glimpse of the history and culture of Guam. According to ancient folklore, two lovers of unfortunate destiny who had nowhere to go tied their hair together and met their sad end at the bottom of a 113 m (378 ft) high cliff. Two Lovers Point has become a must-visit site for honeymooners and lovers who want to pledge their devotion. They ring the “Love Bell” to promise each other eternal love.

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Lotte Hotel Guam - Introduction - Attractions - Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village

Located in Hagatna, the village is full of shops that sell handcrafts made by local artists and master craftsmen. There is a night market that opens every Wednesday, where you can buy the Chamorro tribe's daily necessities and souvenirs, as well as eat traditional food. The market sells various goods, has food stalls that sell a wide range of Asian and Pacific Island foods, and holds traditional dance performances in the central square to attract not only tourists but also locals. The parking lot fills up quickly when the night market opens, so you might want to arrive early.

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Latte Stone Park

Latte Stone Park

At the well known Latte Stone Park, you can get a glimpse of traditional Chamorro houses that are built on stone pillars called “Latte Stones.” There are currently 8 large stone pillars on display that have been moved from Me’pu in Southern Guam to the present Hagatna region. Today, even if a new Latte Stone is found, it is left alone as it was discovered, as part of efforts to preserve the remains.

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