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Experience a heavenly oasis overlooking Haeundae Beach!
As soon as you enter the rooftop pool at L7 HAEUNDAE, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking view of Haeundae Beach. Fill your trip with excitement and unforgettable moments.

※The above image may differ from the actual.


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Time Information

 1st Jan. ~ 19th Jun.

1st Sept. ~ 31st Dec.

20th Jun. ~ 31st Aug.

(Peak Season)

Eligible Guests All overnight guests Pool package guests only
1st slot 9:30 ~ 11:30 9:30 ~ 13:00
2nd slot 15:00 ~ 18:30 14:00 ~ 16:30
3rd slot

19:00 ~ 21:00

(adults aged 19 and above)

17:00 ~ 19:30
4th slot -

20:00 ~ 22:00

(adults aged 19 and above)

※ Please note that during peak season, the rooftop pool is only available to guests with pool package reservations to ensure guest safety and provide a comfortable moods.

※ Admission may be limited for safety and comfort if capacity is exceeded.

※ Please note that the pool might be packed during weekends and holiday afternoons.

※ Please note that the pool might be closed without prior notice due to weather conditions and private bookings.


※ The pool is free for hotel guests, but during peak season, only those with a pool package can access it once per a night for safety and comfort.
※ Water depth: 1 m (family pool 0.6 m)
※ Infants and children must have parental supervision in the pool.
※ Use the rooftop pool in your swimsuit from your room and remove sunscreen or body oil beforehand since there is no locker room.
※ Beware of slippery floors. Running, jumping, and diving are prohibited.
※ The hotel is not liable for accidents due to negligence.
※ The pool may be crowded on weekends and holidays, with possible waiting times.
※ Visitor numbers may be limited for comfort and safety if capacity is exceeded.
※ The pool may be closed due to certain weather conditions, such as heavy rain or storms.
※ The pool is heated year-round to 30-32°C, with the jacuzzi at 36-38°C.
※ Food and the following items are not permitted for safety reasons.
  - Swim tubes (those for toddlers are allowed), snorkeling equipment, diving fins (flippers)
※ Keep valuables in your room to prevent loss.
※ The dry sauna is off-limits to those overly intoxicated, pregnant, or with heart conditions or anemia.


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