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Designed to be a true work of art, boasting the gorgeous panoramic Hanoi city night views and dazzling live music performances, Pharaoh’s Bar & Upper provides not only a charming and relaxing atmosphere with luxurious facilities but also premium services by our fascinated employees.

As the ultimate destination for liquor connoisseurs, our pianist and gorgeous vocalists will uplift your nocturnal indulgence with stunning vibrant live performances every night, while you explore an unparalleled world-class whisky collection and an array of intriguing concoctions by some of the most devoted mixologists in the city.


  • Type
    Contemporary Theme Bar
  • Location
Lotte Hotel hanoi-Dining-Bar & Lounge-Pharaoh`s Bar & Upper




• Capacity: 86 people (Bar: 46 people/ Upper: 40 people)


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