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Grilled Seafood and Steak Combination at Grill63

Discover an exquisitely new À LA CARTE menu featuring our signature dishes with fresh concepts and exciting flavors that will surely dazzle your taste buds.
Period : 2021-04-15 - 2021-12-31
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Specialized in grilled seafood and steak, Grill63 has taken a new concept with uniquely innovative, light, and refreshing dishes in a modern and refined approach.

The menu is divided into categories with a variety of choices of innovative delicacies, from the organic garden to the field and the Ocean, in addition to standards like appetizers and salads as well as lavish mouth-watering desserts choice and cannot be missed with featuring Chef’s recommendation.

While the glamorous panoramic view to the city is the glittering background of your evening, take a sip of the perfectness in our list of new premium wine and let the atmosphere intrigue you.

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    Fine Dining + Grill Restaurant

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  • For more information & reservation, please contact (+84) 02433331701 or email grill63@lotte.net