[Gourmet] Persimmon Tree House Drivers Restaurant

Success found through endless devotion to customers

  • Contact Number 02-325-8727 Make a Call
  • Location 25 Yeonnam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Business hours 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM Daily

• Type of Business : Korean Restaurant

• Main menu Item : Korean Set Menu with Pork Bulgogi 8,000 won, Korean Set Menu with Beef Bulgogi 9,000 won

This establishment is linked to the former temporary restaurant, “Hamba,” which provided meals for the workers at the Kolon Apartment reconstruction site. Once the reconstruction was completed, the present owner of the restaurant, Jang Yoon-soo, who also ran Hamba, opened up a drivers restaurant and named it after the persimmon tree beside the restaurant. Since a restaurant street had been already established on the side of Donggyo-ro, Persimmon Tree House Drivers Restaurant was a late starter and had to think deeply about the unique needs of taxi drivers. They realized that drivers not only needed to eat but also wanted to take care of other errands like going to the restroom and changing coins or bills. They soon placed a coin-exchange machine and a money counting machine for the drivers to use freely.

In addition, the front yard where the trees were located was turned into parking lots to make it easy to access for taxis. These considerations, which might have been considered trivial, caused the restaurant`s name to spread by word of mouth among drivers. Thus, the Persimmon Tree House Drivers Restaurant soon became a popular place in Yeonnam-dong.