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Hongdae - the center of underground culture and urban arts A district for youths, Hongdae is a unique cultural locale bustling with cultural events including indie music, busking, and flea markets. It is a place where party and music-loving clubbers, free-spirited artists and hipsters come together.
L7 HONGDAE is a delightful cultural station, filled with chic and artistic individuals, that turns the mediocrity of an ordinary day into a festivity.


L7 Hongdae - Room - Superior - Superior Room


L7 boasts 340 guest rooms, such as the Loasis Suite which creates an oasis of relaxation inside the busy city, and the Studio Suite which offers a working studio to suit the characteristics and taste of those visiting Hongdae, most of whom love travel, culture, and the arts. The bedding, which envelops you like soft music, is just the beginning. L7 HONGDAE is a cozy and comfortable space for all those who dream.



Enjoy a delicious day with trendy food at Floating, a New York style dining restaurant located on the 21st floor. Named after the Blue Roof Gas Station, the Blue Roof Lounge is a stylish communal space that displays the many facets of the Hongdae district. Our motto is “Enjoy × Work + Relax!” You can work and play at the same time, while enjoying various artistic books and LP collections.


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Here, even a boring and painstaking workout can become an enjoyable activity. Say goodbye to stress with the latest special fitness equipment from Techno Gym. Anybody can enjoy an effortless workout using the dynamic exercise equipment in the aerobic zone, weightlifting zone, and stretching zone. L7 HONGDAE is an energy station for a healthier you.
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Located on the 22nd floor rooftop, Floating is a paradise in the city that can only be visited in Hongdae. The exotic bar and outdoor swimming pool, with a view of the Hongdae district and Hangang River, will give you an experience you have never had before. In this place, the noise from the streets and of a busy day are nothing more than remnants from another world.