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All-Season Outdoor Spa Pool

The all-season Spa Pool, located in the 6th-floor outdoor garden of LOTTE City Hotel Jeju, offers a special kind of relaxation for the body and mind fatigued by travel.

※ For your comfortable use, the swimming pool will be charged, the fee is 12,000KRW(Same amount will be charged for adults and children) per person.

※ Limited to customers who stayed from June to December, all products booked through the official website are free of charge.
Free swimming pool access for each room type (not applicable for reservations made through other OTA channels).
- Example 1: Free up to 2 people when booking double and twin rooms
- Example 2: Free up to 3 people when booking family twin rooms


  • Type
    Outdoor Spa Pool
  • Location
    6F, Outdoors

Hours of Operation

Available Months Time Period Remarks


1st session 12:00~15:00 Adults & Children
2nd session 15:30~19:00



1st session 12:00~19:00 Adults & Children
2nd session 19:30~21:30
Jul ~ Aug 1st session 10:00~13:30  Adults & Children
2nd session 14:00~19:30 
3rd session 20:00~22:00 

Adults Only

(Over 19)

Additional Information

  • *Guide to using the all-season outdoor Swimming Pool and Spa Pool
  • Average temperature of the outdoor swimming pool is 28~30℃.
  • The Spa Pool is for hotel guests only. Swimsuits must be worn prior to use.
  • Please store valuables in your hotel room to protect against loss.
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Please bring your own slippers for use in the outdoor Spa Pool.
  • For your safety, please do not bring in any food or other items listed below.
  • *Restricted items: Swim tubes (those for toddlers are allowed), snorkeling equipment, diving fins (flippers)
  • Spa Pool
  • Sunken Lounge (Charged)
  • C-Lounge (open only during peak summer season)
  • Shower Booth
  • Locker Room
  • Finnish Sauna
  • Please note that the access to the swimming pool can be restricted by the weather conditions.
  • Facility details may differ from the above image.


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