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Temporary closure of Fitness Club


[Temporary closure of Fitness & Sauna in response to the Government’s recommendation to the nation]

Following the Government’s recommendation of March 21st to curb the spread of Coronavirus 19, we ask you to refer to the notice below for the temporary closing schedule of Fitness & Sauna.


■ Temporarily closed facilities: Sauna, Gym, Indoor Swimming pool (8th floor)

■ Closing schedule: 2020. 3. 24 (Tue) ~ 5. 5 (Tue)

■ Re-opening date: 2020. 5. 6 (Wed)

■ Reason: As indoor sports facilities, they are applicable to the “recommended temporary closures” specified in the statement of The Office for Government Policy Coordination.

Please understand that this is an inevitable step for the government-level "Social distancing" policy.
We will welcome you in a safer and more pleasant environment after the closure ends.