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VR Experience Zone

You will enjoy the fascinating world of virtual reality at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU VR experience zone!
In addition to the VR Experience zone, you can find the arcade zone with a wide selection of game machines.


  • Type
    Kids & Family
  • Location
  • Hours
    11:00 ~ 22:00


• Rules of use
1. No food from outside
2. Beware of vandalism
 - If VR equipment and accessories are damaged or damaged in the experience zone, responsibility for compensation will arise
3. Managing personal belongings
 - We are not responsible for any loss or damage to our belongings due to customer carelessness
4. Latency Guidance
 - Please follow the staff's instructions when waiting time occurs for each account
5. Precautions for Experience
 - Hold the handle tightly when you are experiencing it
 - During the experience, excessive movement from side to side or extreme movement can lead to injury
 - Close your eyes and raise your hand for help if you experience physical abnormalities (nausea, muscle cramps, etc.) during use
 - Follow the instructions of the staff to wear and experience the equipment
  Please return the equipment as instructed after the end of the experience