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Lake Plaza

Experience an exotic and romantic evening at the garden buffet served at Lake Plaza that includes a variety of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine and Jeju seafood specialties, the pride of LOTTE HOTEL JEJU.


  • Type
    Buffet restaurant
  • Location
    Outdoor garden 1st floor
Lake Plaza


◈ 2019.06.26 ~ 2019.08.31 ◈
  Breakfast buffet : 07:00 ~ 10:30
  Lunch buffet : 12:00 ~ 14:30
  Stylish buffet (dinner) : 18:00 ~ 21:00

Additional Information

• Breakfast Buffet Prices: Adult ₩43,000 / Child ₩29,000 (Includes taxes and service charges)
• Lunch Buffet Price: Adult ₩64,000 / Child ₩38,000 (tax and service charge included)
• Stylish Buffet Prices: Adult ₩105,000 / Child ₩57,000 (Tax and service charges included)

※ ‘Child’ refers to guests from ages 4-12 (6th grade)
※ Reservations may be fill up fast, so please book in advance.
※ LOTTE HOTEL JEJU prohibits storing and re-heating all outside food aside from baby food and food for patients in accordance with the ISO 22000 food safety administration system certification.
(Standard: Excludes instant rice or fast foods that are verified and acknowledged as baby food or food for a patient.)


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