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Mugunghwa is an authentic Korean restaurant which is charming for its antique gazebo and modest yet classical vibe with a traditional style. Enjoy elegant and warm Korean cuisine at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU’s Mugunghwa where you can savor rice cooked to perfection, flavorful side dishes, and elegant course meals.


  • Type
    Korean Cuisine
  • Location
    MAIN BUILDING 6th floor


◈ 2019.06.26 ~ 2019.08.31 ◈
  Breakfast : 07:00 ~ 10:00
  Lunch : 12:00 ~ 14:30
  Dinner : 18:00 ~ 21:00

Additional Information

• Private rooms are available for family gatherings or small events.
 - 6-person room / 20-person room
※ Advance reservations of the course menu are required to use private rooms. The table for a baby's first wedding and other table settings are available.

※ LOTTE HOTEL JEJU prohibits storing and re-heating all outside food aside from baby food and food for patients in accordance with the ISO 22000 food safety administration system certification.
(Standard: Excludes instant rice or fast foods that are verified and acknowledged as baby food or food for a patient.)

Main Menu

· Lobster and Abalone Stew Set: ₩43,000
· Braised Short Ribs with Abalone: ₩49,900
· Whole Grilled Hairtail Meal: 2 people ₩140,000
 / 3 people ₩200,000

· Delicacy Course: ₩100,000

· Marinated Grilled Black Pig Set: ₩43,000
· Kid's Meal: ₩35,000


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