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Customer Rental Service

LOTTE HOTEL JEJU has a variety of items available to rent for the convenience of our guests during their stay.
Enjoy your time in Jeju with the help of our rental service.
Period : 2019-06-01 ~ 2020-12-31
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[List of Rental Items at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU]

Item Rates

Priority for

those with



(In Room telephone)

For Kids & Babies   Baby Crib   Free       O     Notice
  Bed Safety Guard   Free       O
  Bottle Sterilizer   Free       O
  Baby Bathtub   Free       O
Baby Toilet Seat Cover                      Free       O
  Bathroom Step Stool   Free       O
   Baby Food Service

Free of charge

(we heat up and bring the baby food that you provided, to your room.)

* Limited to baby foods that are confirmed and certified

in accordance with ISO 22000 certification,

instant rice, porridge, and instant foods are not included in the service




  Price: KRW 12,000 (order room service 1 hour in advance)  
  Lactation Room


- Venue: Kids World (Main Building 4F)

- Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Mon-Thurs) / 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM (Fri-Sun)

* Contact the front desk for inquiries outside Kids World’s operating hours

  Baby Stroller   Free       O
General   Extra Bed   Price: KRW 48,400       O



  Hansil Blanket   Price: KRW 48,400       O
  Hansil Pillow   Free       O
  Zen Buckwheat Pillow                      Free       O
  Bio Pillow   Free       O
  Memory Foam Pillow   Free       O
  Lambswool Pillow   Free       O
  Cotton Cloud Pillow   Free  
  Humidifier   Free       O
  Dehumidifier   Free       O
  Fan   Free  
  Scale   Free  
  Ironing Set   Free  
  Multiple Outlet Plug   Free  
  3-Jack Adapter   Free  
  Transformer   Free  
  Hot Bag   Free  
  Ice Pack   Free  
  Ice Pail   Free  
  Nail Clipper   Free  
 Concierge   Umbrella   Free     Notice
  Crutches   Free       O
  Wheelchair   Free       O
  Thermometer   Free  
Fitness   Gym Wear   Free     Notice
  Sneakers   Free  
  Socks   Free  
  Life Vest   Free  
  Kickboard   Free  
  Swimsuit   Price: KRW 8,000  
  Swim Cap   Price: KRW 2,000  
  Swim Goggles   Price: KRW 3,000  
He:on   Life Vest   Free     Notice
  Bathrobe   Free (3 gowns per room during winter season; KRW 5,000 additional charge per gown)  
  Pool Towel   Free (3 towels per room; KRW 5,000 additional charge per towel)  
  Sun Bed   Free  
  Daybed   Price: KRW 22,000 / 3 hours (June - October)   
  Cabana November - April

09:30 ~ 13:00

14:00 ~ 18:00

19:00 ~ 23:00




May - October

09:30 ~ 13:00

14:00 ~ 18:00

19:00 ~ 23:00




  • Items available for reservation can be reserved when you book a room (Reservation Office ☎1577-0360).
  • Some rental items are reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  • Rates include taxes and service charges.