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MEGUmi is LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW's authentic Japanese corner in the heart of the capital. Exclusive interior details immerse guests in the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, while unique, masterful culinary preparation and authentic, high-quality ingredients make for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Everything at MEGUmi is about pleasing the tastes of even the most sophisticated lovers of modern Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant's philosophy is to combine the best culinary traditions of East and West in every dish. A professional team led by two chefs from Japan, Yoshitaka Enmei and Hoshi Takashi, is responsible for the superb gastronomic feats, and their unsurpassed art is on display in an open kitchen. The masters use the rarest ingredients from all over the world, including products unique to Moscow from Japan, from shellfish and premium beef to the rarest sauces and even salt varieties.

The open kitchen sushi bar and aquarium menu—with seasonal oysters, king crab, and clams—deserve special attention. And so does the MEGUmi wine list, which includes a wide selection of European and international wines, in addition to a drink menu with two dozen types of sake and signature cocktails.

MEGUmi's interior design was created by Wilson & Associates, who carefully established a connection to Japan by using natural wood and stone materials, as well as silk fabric kimonos and textile images of geishas decorating the walls. The main restaurant hall is decorated with a large bronze bonsho bell. Tables are set with exquisite Japanese porcelain and German crystal glasses. Subdued lighting creates a relaxed, intimate atmosphere, and guests desiring additional privacy can choose from four separate rooms: Kiku, Ran, Sakura and Hanabi, which guarantee guests supreme peace and comfort.


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    Modern Japanese cuisine
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Mon-Fri: 12:00~23:00
Sat-Sun: 14:00~23:00


• Original design concept: bolts of brightly colored antique kimono fabrics cover The Kimono Lounge. Suspended in the main dining room is a traditional Japanese bronze temple bell called a “bonsho” bell. It is an exact replica of the largest bell in Japan which is hung in the Todaiji temple in Nara.
• A carefully selected wine and sake list.
• A sushi-bar with an open kitchen.
• 177 seats and 4 private rooms - Sakura, Kiku, Hanabi, Ran.


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