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As the fall wind rustles the leaves, preapre an autumn trip with LOTTE Hotels and earn extra points.

This is an opportunity to enjoy rooms and packages at affordable prices through the LOTTE Hotels official homepage!

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Period : 2019-09-01 - 2019-11-30
Event Detail

Reserve and stay with discounted LOTTEHOTEL Rewards prices through the LOTTE Hotels official homepage and earn 1,000 Bonus LH Points (valued at USD 10)

• Eligibility : Current members and newly registered members of LOTTE HOTEL Rewards.

• Participating method : Logging in and booking through the official LOTTE Hotels homepage(www.lottehotel.com) or mobile application and staying at the hotels, earn Bonus 1,000 LH Points.

• Period of stay : September 1 ~ November 30, 2019 (Limited to the check-in/Out and made during the period).

• Participating Hotels : All hotels chains in Korea and overseas. (SIGNIEL, LOTTE Hotels, LOTTE City Hotels, L7 Hotel)

※ Non-participating hotels : LOTTE NEW YORK PALACE, LOTTE HOTEL SAMARA, LOTTE City Hotel Tashkent Palace, LOTTE Sky Hill CC (Buyeo, Jeju and Gimhae), LOTTE Resort (Buyeo, Sokcho, and Jeju Art Villas).

■ Benefit : Award Bonus LH Point 1,000(USD 10) (※Per Stay)

  • Not availalble for reservations made over the telephone.
  • This offer is only valid when LOTTE Hotel Rewards member log in to make a reservation.
  • Non-members can benefit from the same offer after signing up for LOTTE HOTEL Rewards membership.
  • Bonus LH Points are rewarded per stay.
  • Only available for check-in/out made during the stay period.