Art Collection Hermetically Sealed : Travel and Culture Series
  • Artist
    Todd Holoubek
  • Media
    Mixed Media And Rubber Sealant
  • Location
  • Description of the Work

    Myeongdong is likely home to the largest number of foreigners in Seoul. L7 MYEONGDONG is visited by people of every nationality, a fact that is underlined by the plastic works showcased on the 1st floor wall. Based on his foreign perspective, American artist Todd Holoubek collects objects related to Korean culture and travel, as well as personal items with their own stories.

    Rubber is then used to completely cover and seal each object in order to create a disconnect between the viewer and a particular object. By sealing objects with colored rubber, each item takes on a symbolic form. Through his work, he endeavors to convince visitors of various nationalities to perceive objects in their ideal form once all their interactivity has been removed. Other works sealed in orange rubber adorn the reception desk area on the 3rd floor, which can be accessed using the elevator.

  • About the Artist

    Once based in New York City, media artist Todd Holoubek graduated from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He currently teaches design, programming and physical computing at Sookmyung Women’s University, while continuing to produce clever works of art. Interested in the connection between humans and technology, his artistic output has mainly consisted of works that are screen-based or connected to the physical domain.

    As per its definition, Hermetically Sealed involves sealing objects to make them airtight and prevent the penetration of moisture, just as the artist does with a collection of objects using a given set of colors. Sealed objects effectively lose their original character and only remain as symbols. This accentuates the characteristic shape, outline and texture of everyday objects, which are often overlooked. By inducing viewers to conceive of objects using only colors and shapes, the artist stirs their limitless imagination.

Todd Holoubek (b. 1969, USA)
  • Master of Professional Studies, New York University Tisch School of the Arts
    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama), New York University