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• Travel Concierge – Seoul Pedicab Tour
look around Seoul
How well do you know Seoul?
Seoul, the city that has become too familiar to us.
Haven`t you thought that we might be passing over
something precious because of that familiarity?
Don`t you have anything that you have forgotten while
rushing through your busy life?
Fall in love with Seoul all over again and see its hidden
beauty with the ARTEE.
If you slow down you will find the true value of Seoul.
ARTEE`s speed will show you the beauty of Seoul.
”ARTEE” means ”good friend” in Korean.
ARTEE will be your friend.
Take off on a journey across Seoul with the people you love.
Experience Seoul`s charm with ARTEE.

• The Travel Concierge Service
provides you with opportunities for unique experiences. As one the main services offered by L7 Myeongdong, we bring expert management where customers, partners, and affiliates come together. We are creating new opportunities for partner companies.


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Top Priority
• Follow the rider`s instructions when getting on and off.
• Always wear your seat belt while driving.
• Please avoid physical contact with the rider for your safety.
• Please do not stand while riding.

Top Secret
• Ask the rider if you have any questions.
• Please put away your cell phones, except when taking pictures. You might miss the beautiful scenery!
• Try to enjoy the scenery more than the rider`s handsome face.
• Bask in the envy of pedestrians who pass by.
• Don`t worry if you meet cars on the road. Artee has the right of way.

1. Basic Tour (1 hour, KRW 30,000/1 person)
▶ L7 → City Hall → Cheonggyecheon → L7
Start at Myeongdong, make your way to City Hall at the center of Seoul, then to the beautiful Cheonggyecheon. A meaningful journey through the core of Seoul with ARTEE.

2. Stonewall Walkway Tour (2 hour, KRW 50,000/1 person)
▶ L7 → City Hall → Deoksu Palace → Stonewall Walkway → Cheonggyecheon → L7
Have you been to Jeong-dong, where you can see 100 years of Seoul`s history? Take off with ARTEE to discover the hidden stories of the Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway and Emperor Gojong!

3. Hanok Tour (2 hour 30minutes, KRW 60,000/1 person)
▶ L7 → Gwanghwamun Plaza → Bukchon Hanok Village → Insadong
Experience the beauty of traditional Hanok (Koreanstyle houses) and the atmosphere of the winding alleys in Bukchon, where tradition still thrives at the core of the city.

• KRW 20,000 per person for each additional hour. Consult with ARTEE to design your own personalized course.
• All programs must be reserved in advance, and may be closed early.
• Reservations may be canceled or changed one day before the date of tour until 6 pm. Cancellations or changes made thereafter will incur a 100% penalty fee for the reserved service.
• Cancellations due to road conditions or bad weather are subject to a 100% refund.
• If 2 people ride 1 rickshaw, riders aged 7 or under will be able to ride free of charge. (Applicable to groups of 3 or 5.)


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