L' Coffee Station

At L7 Myeongdong's Bubble Lounge, you can drink coffee 24 hours a day, which is great for relaxing.
Enjoy a variety of Nespresso coffees with a rich taste and aroma at L' Coffee Station.
Period : 2023-01-18 - 2025-01-03
Event Detail

• Location : L7 Myeongdong 3F Bubble Lounge
• Hours : 24 hours
• Provided: Complimentary use of the Nespresso self-service coffee machine
• Eligibility: Hotel Guests staying at L7 Myeongdong

  • Nespresso coffee available for hotel guests only, Please use the guest room cups.

• Step1. Please place the cup provided in your room on the coffee machine.
• Step2. Choose the coffee capsule you want. (Types of coffee capsules: Ristretto, Leggero, Forte, Decaffeinato)
• Step3. Check the edge of the capsule are strightened and insert the it into the slot.
• Step4. Select your favorite recipe.
• Step5. For Hot water, press water drop icon at the screen.
• Step6. Enjoy a relaxing day with fragrant coffee.