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Business Center

The Business Center on the lobby floor is geared towards serving the needs of business guests. Equipments and appliances available include PC, color laser printer, scanner, photo-copier, and fax machine. We also offer an extensive range of services, such as laptop computer rental, translation, mailing, secretarial assistance, and even business card printing.


  • Type
  • Location
    Main Tower 1F
  • Hours
    Weekday 08:00~22:00 Weekend 09:00~18:00 (Open 24/7) (Closed on last Monday of each month)


  • Conference rooms: Rooms accommodating 4 guests, speaker phone and laptop rental
  • Equipments: Laser printer, high-speed photocopier, laptop rental, high-speed Internet, speaker phone, mobile phone, USB
  • Mailing service: Courier, packaging, quick-delivery
  • Secretarial service: Photocopying, fax transmission, typing, printing, business card printing, binding
  • Softwares: Adobe Reader program, etc.


TEL +82-2-759-7328/7329 Make a Call
FAX +82-2-752-3758